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Children Collection

Children always want to stand out and be unique. Personalization of clothing or accessories is an easy way to accomplish this. We love to see kids become overjoyed with seeing their name or their favorite hobby embroidered onto blankets, shirts, dresses, and more. We can take any family gathering into something memorable with unique touches to apparel.

Custom Handmade Items: It’s Your Dream, We Sew It Up; all images are from custom items made to order. Please use these images as inspiration for your dream custom pieces. You will find customizations and personalization options on all items. Need more options than what we have available online? Email, and we will sew up your dream items. 

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Children’s Collection

Now is the perfect time to purchase personalized clothing; turn a birthday into a day to remember by letting everyone know how your child is. On the first day of school, photos can be taken to the next level with monogrammed outfits.


  • Holiday sets
  • Back to School
  • Dresses
  • Sibling announcements
  • Blankets


In short, there are limitless ways you can create something unique. We can turn any holiday, birthday, or other celebration into something to be remembered. Please communicate with me if you have a specific timetable that you need your project completed by. We love to see pictures and feel the enjoyment of your product!